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Pokémon Go in Cemeteries: Good or Bad?

What’s drawing the largest crowds to cemeteries since Memorial Day? Well the answer isn’t Father’s Day or the Fourth of July. It’s Pokémon Go, the new craze that’s putting Pokémon lovers in an exciting augmented reality. Pokémon Go is a … Read More

pokemon go, cemeteries

Cemeteries are Hotspots for Pokémon Go

You downloaded Pokémon Go and you’re ready to “catch ‘em all”. The question is- where are the best spots to find unique Pokémon and battle other trainers? There are plenty of prime game spots in major downtown areas that are … Read More

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Five Fun Facts You Never Knew About Cemeteries

Cemeteries are far too often the backdrops of a scene from a horror flic. The century old stones and darkness of cemeteries at night make for a horror director’s dream. However, there is far more than meets the eyes of … Read More

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Five Most Historic US Cemeteries

Cemeteries are timeless, and United States is home to some of the most significant cemeteries in American history. Take a moment to browse through the timeless tales of American Heritage that rest within our borders:   1. Fort Rosecrans National … Read More


Five Hilarious Headstones

Headstone creativity is a lot more common that most people know. We wanted to share the best ones that we’ve came across. Would you like to be remembered for your witty sense of humor? How about a sarcastic saying on your … Read More