Freelance Grave Tending & Flower Delivery

Job Summary
We are in need of freelancers to carry out the orders we receive and we are in need of marketing affiliates to help promote the business.

Our Freelancer Program is a general laborer position. When a customer orders a service, the order is then put into our system and becomes available for any freelancer in the area to claim and carry out. When the work is done and a photo is taken, the freelancer gets paid for the work.

As a freelancer we will give you access to our app (available on Apple and Android devices) which will allow you to claim jobs within and up to a 50 mile radius. Upon completion of a grave cleaning, you will receive $21 and an additional $7.50 for a flower delivery (if applicable). You will need to supply yourself with common household items to complete the cleaning. A typical cleaning takes 5-15 minutes for the standard flat grave marker. So you can see the potential income possibilities for multiple orders in one cemetery. Note that you will not be hired in as a Heaven’s Maid Employee, you will be an Independent Contractor.

Responsibilities and Duties

Cleaning headstones. Delivering flowers. Taking a confirmation photo. Representing Heaven’s Maid in a professional manner. Contacting cemeteries to acquire maps and/or directions to specific grave spaces.

Qualifications and Skills

Must be 18 years or older. Must be legally able to work in the United States. Must be Reliable and Trustworthy to work independently.


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Jobs: Freelance Grave Tending & Flower Delivery