How It Works

Our robust portal is user-friendly and was designed for you.
Just follow these simple steps.

1. Find a Cemetery

With our nationwide network, finding a cemetery is as easy as entering the name of the city or the cemetery. We are creating an ever-growing community by constantly partnering with new cemeteries.


2. Find Your Loved One

Our robust portal allows you to quickly locate your loved one, simply by entering their name, year of birth and year of death.

Don’t worry, if we can’t find your loved one, we’ll work with the cemetery to verify their resting place.


3. Select a Package

Packages are custom-tailored to the cemeteries in your area.


Only Need Flowers?

Heaven’s Maid offers both Silk and Fresh flower arrangements.


4. Receive Confirmation Pictures and Share Memories

Receive confirmation photos at every scheduled cleaning and flower delivery. See for yourself the difference Heaven’s Maid makes.

Share pictures, stories, and memories of your loved ones with family and friends.


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