Honor our heroes this Veteran’s Day with these great DIY projects for crafters of all ages!

  Veteran’s Day is a federal holiday that honors our great nation’s military men and women of the past, present, and future. November 11th is Veteran’s Day and this date was chosen because on November 11, 1918, the armistice to … Read More

cemetery etiquette

Cemetery Etiquette to Follow on Your Next Visit

The cemetery is really a place of life. They are hallowed ground where faith and the family bond are celebrated. Don’t be surprised if you spot a small group people with a picnic basket or a casual lady sitting against … Read More

september garden

8 Helpful Tips for Your September Garden

September is the prime time for planting spring bulbs so if your family cemetery allows planting choose plump firm bulbs and get to planting! If your family cemetery has strict rules against planting flowers, this would be a great time … Read More

Photo by Ryan Collerd

The Woodlands Grave Gardeners are the volunteer group that every cemetery hopes to find on their grounds

Originally used as gravesites for children, cradle graves were growing in popularity amongst those living in the southern and Midwest regions of the country. These grave types became extremely popular during the Civil War and were used to memorialize war … Read More

bios urn

Two Brothers Create a Product that Brings Your Late Loved Ones Back to Life

With the cost of burials sky rocketing, the numbers of cremations are on the rise. Many companies have emerged with unique ways to commemorate your loved ones beyond the standard urn and spreading of ashes. Roger and Gerard Moline, in … Read More

spooky stories

Five Spooky Stories: Are Children Haunting Your Playground?

Dead Children’s Playground – Alabama Hidden behind some trees within the Maple Hill Cemetery in Huntsville, Alabama lays the Dead Children’s Playground. People have claimed to hear children’s laughter while other claim to have seen swings moving by themselves. While … Read More

Memorial Items

Honor Your Loved One with These Unique Memorial Items

Honoring your loved ones after they have passed has been the leading method of coping among grieving families. Sending flowers and maintaining a final resting place has been one way to honor our loved ones but some go one step … Read More

grave cemetery conditions

Grave Cemetery Conditions

Have you visited your loved one lately? Make sure their final resting place isn’t plagued by these grave conditions common in many cemeteries.   Is their tombstone or market buried in a sea of grass? You would think J. Edgar … Read More

haunted cemetery

Haunted Cemeteries You Don’t Want to Visit

Usually for those visiting cemeteries, it can be a peaceful and reconnecting experience. However, your experience in these cemeteries might be a little different. Unless you’re an avid ghost hunter or have a thirst for fear, stay away from these … Read More

funeral music

10 Beautiful Funeral Songs

June marks the anniversary of the Guild of Funerary Violinists founded in Britain in 1586.  Why should you care? Well, music is a great coping mechanism and funeral music plays a pivotal role in the mourning process. Chopin’s Funeral March … Read More