Lucille Rosetti_Is long Term Care in your future

Is Long-Term Care in Your Future? How to Plan Now So You’re Covered Later

We plan for retirement by saving diligently, yet many of us avoid thinking about long-term care needs. After all, it’s much more pleasant to focus our time and money on the things we want to do in retirement, rather than … Read More

Lucille Rosetti_Saying goodbye

Saying Goodbye: The Delicate Art of Pre-Grieving with the Terminally Ill

Whether the news comes suddenly and unexpectedly or if you’ve watched a loved one’s health slowly decline, hearing that they are not long for this world can be utterly devastating. It may be difficult to put into words how much … Read More


Meaningful Ways to Remember a Lost Loved One

Losing people you love is never easy, but honoring their lives in ways that reflect their spirits goes a long way toward helping family and friends grieve in a healthy way and cherish the memories their loved ones left behind. … Read More