Many cemeteries offer Perpetual Care, but this service is often misunderstood. In its simplest form, perpetual care funds are used for general maintenance and repair of the cemetery grounds. Generally, this includes trimming the grass and removing debris. Because we want our loved ones’ final resting place to exemplify how loved and cherished they were, we assume the perpetual care funds include mowing, trimming, and fertilization of the lawn, the repair of fallen headstones, and the rising of sunken grave markers. We would hope someone is cleaning, polishing, and conditioning the stone while ensuring fresh flowers are either placed or growing around our loved ones’ plot. That level of care is beyond the ability of a cemetery and requires the attention of professionals who take pride in services tailored to preserving the memorials of those

In a perfect world, the cemetery could handle it all but that is not the case. This is where we come in.

Heaven’s Maid is dedicated to the detailed care of grave sites and memorials. We recognize that many factors make it difficult for you to care for your loved ones’ final resting place. That’s why we make it easy for you. We ensure your memories are honored by tending to monuments, columbariums and memory gardens with dignity, honor and respect.

After the services have been completed, we send you confirmation photos of our work to show you the difference we make and to make sure you’re satisfied!

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  1. Taylor

    I just want to say I love what you are doing, such an awesome way to help families and the community.

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