haunted cemetery

Usually for those visiting cemeteries, it can be a peaceful and reconnecting experience. However, your experience in these cemeteries might be a little different. Unless you’re an avid ghost hunter or have a thirst for fear, stay away from these haunted cemeteries.


Saint Louis Cemetery

New Orleans, LA

When you’re out collecting Mardi Gras beads, keep it down so you don’t wake her up!

saint louis cemetery

The oldest Catholic Cemetery in New Orleans, Louisiana is the final resting place of Marie Laveau. She was known as the Grande Voodoo Queen and many believe her spirit haunts the cemetery and anyone who disturbs her. If you’re a ghost hunter and want to try your luck, you may want to skip this one because a voodoo queen may not be the Casper you’re searching for! Let’s just say whoever taunted her tomb with markings and vandalism might not have been getting much sleep since.


Greyfriars Kirkyard Cemetery

Edinburgh, Scotland

A poltergeist haven…

greyfriars kirkyard cemetery

Established in the 1560s, Greyfriars is known for its paranormal activity caused by the restless spirit of ‘Bloody’ George Mackenzie. The ‘Mackenzie Poltergeist’ is a violent spirit that is believed to have caused bruising, bites and cuts on those who come in contact with it. In the 1600’s, George Mackenzie led 18,000 covenanters to untimely deaths for supporting laws that went against the Bible. Beheading, starvation, and concentration camps were some of the inhumane methods Mackenzie used to murder Scotland’s innocents.


Howard Street Cemetery

Salem, MA

Witch!- And just like that, Salem sentenced you to death. No wonder this is one of the most haunted cemeteries in the world.

howard street cemetery

Salem can be referred to as the most haunted areas in the nation because of the witch hunting era that took over the town. One ghost many claim haunts the cemetery is Giles Corey who was pressed to death in 1692.  He refused to admit or deny his guilt regarding witchcraft and legend has it that with his last breath, he put a curse on Salem and continues to walk among the graves. I would probably haunt a place that sentenced me to death for something I didn’t do, would you?


Stull Cemetery

Kansas, MO

If you find yourself at Stull Cemetery in Kansas, make sure you specify which gates you want opened…

stull cemetery

When we think about gates to an afterlife, the pearly gates to heaven come to mind. This is not the case in Stull, Kansas. Stull Cemetery is referred to as the “Gates to Hell,” and is considered one of the 7 portals to hell. Legend states that if you knock on one of the rocks left from the church, the Devil will answer you. Knock, Knock…


Resurrection Cemetery

Justice, IL

Don’t ever pick up hitchhikers! Especially if you’re near Justice, IL…

resurrection cemetery

Resurrection Cemetery, located in the suburbs of Chicago is the final resting place of a young woman who haunts the local area. As the story goes, drivers report picking up a young woman hitchhiking along the road. They describe her as dressed in a white party dress with pretty blonde hair and big blue eyes. When the drivers get closer to Resurrection Cemetery, she asks to be let out and disappears into the cemetery. The legend follows the true story of a young woman who went dancing with her boyfriend and after an argument, decided to walk home on Archer Avenue. She never made it home because she was struck by a vehicle and continually replays that night by walking down the road she died on.


La Noria Cemetery


If you were forced to mine coal in the blazing sun of Chile for little to no compensation, you might haunt the area as well

la noria cemetery

La Noria is an abandoned mining town where the graveyard is a horror scene filled with open graves and exposed bones.  People who have dared to visit the site claim the dead rise from their graves and begin walking toward the abandoned mining town.  Others have reported seeing children inside the abandoned schools as if they were attending class. I guess there really is no place like home.


Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery

Cook County, IL

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery… Ghosts, and Voices, and Apparitions, OH MY!

bachelor's grove cemetery

When we say apparitions, you assume people are reporting ghost sightings but Bachelor’s Cemetery in Cook County, Illinois is home to apparitions of an entire house! A great deal of people have claimed to see a white farmhouse with a porch swing but this abandoned cemetery has no such home on the site. Many have witnessed unexplained lights and faces that appear on tombstones. Perhaps the most famous apparition is that of a sitting woman that many believe is looking after her infant daughters grave. So sweet yet so creepy!

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