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Dead Children’s Playground – Alabama


Hidden behind some trees within the Maple Hill Cemetery in Huntsville, Alabama lays the Dead Children’s Playground. People have claimed to hear children’s laughter while other claim to have seen swings moving by themselves. While Alabama Paranormal Society inspected the Dead Children’s Playground, they managed to capture a photo of a female as well as Electronic Voice Phenomena recordings of children’s voices and video of the swings in motion.


Local legend has it that Huntsville suffered a rash of child abductions in the 1960’s, and the bodies of the children were found in the area of the playground.


The Haunted Swing – Rhode Island

A father posted creepy footage that scared his children away from a swing set in Rhode Island. In the video, it appears the swing is moving on its own despite an apparent lack of wind. Meanwhile, other swings in the Rhode Island playground seem still. Proof of the paranormal, or just a hoax? We’ll leave it to you to decide!


Devil’s Playground – Canada


The tale began when an old schoolhouse burned down when a fire started in a hallway. Three children lost their lives in the blaze and locals report hearing the sounds of children along the charred play set. In addition, a wrecking crew claimed the schoolhouse haunted when they experienced malfunctions while they were working to redevelop the area.


Children’s Play Center
This video depicts an unexplained fog that covered a children’s play center as paranormal investigators filmed the possibility of a haunting. The white smog floats through the room and disappears off camera. Some claim they could see orbs floating along the side of the room, which has no windows.


Black-Eyed Children – Texas and Oregon


Black-eyed children are believed to be an urban legend of paranormal creatures that resemble children. The stark contrast between them and regular children is the hollow darkness of the eyes. People have reported seeing the panhandling or hitchhiking. Brian Bethel, a Texas reporter, did a story on encounters with black-eyed kids in Abilene, Texas and Portland, Oregon. The stories gained such popularity that people who believed in it started witnessing these black-eyed children all over the world.

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