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You downloaded Pokémon Go and you’re ready to “catch ‘em all”. The question is- where are the best spots to find unique Pokémon and battle other trainers?

There are plenty of prime game spots in major downtown areas that are filled with landmarks. But many of these spots can be busy and crowded, and the competition can be stiff. On the other hand, you’ll be surprised to see that your local cemetery has plenty of Pokéstops and gyms for you to explore.

Here are some big advantages to visiting your local cemetery if you’re training to become the next Pokémon master. However, please remember that burial grounds are peaceful places that are meant to be respected. Please be courteous and mindful of cemetery regulations and others paying their respects to their loved ones.


An Abundance of Pokéstops

Looking for a place to stock up on Pokeballs and collect other game items? Many pokéstops are placed in popular real-life locations such as statues, stores or plaques. But a unique place that you might not have expected is a gravestone. Players are frequently finding more Pokéstops concentrated in cemeteries than any other location in their city. One cemetery in Indiana even contains 26 Pokéstops, enough to provide you with an endless supply of Pokeballs, potions, berries, and more!



Big Gym Opportunities

Not only are cemeteries a great place for stocking up on items, but you can also occasionally find gyms in cemeteries. Gyms allow you to train or battle your Pokémon against other players. An advantage of controlling a gym in a cemetery may be that there will be less competition to take control of your gym due to the obscure nature of the location.

pokemon go, cemetery, gym


Find Unique Pokémon

The most common Pokémon you’re finding right now may be the Pidgey and Rattata. But exploring around your city or town increases your chances of finding rarer Pokémon. Water Pokémon can be found near bodies of water, certain Pokémon only appear at night, and cemeteries can be rich grounds for unique wild Pokémon.


Less Player Traffic

Most Pokémon Go locations are located within popular city landmarks and downtown areas. But these locations can become too crowded with trainers hustling for the best Pokémon. Cemeteries offer a peaceful and less busy location for catching your creatures. Since they are places for mourning and paying respects, please be mindful of the regulations governing your local cemetery and be respectful of others around you.


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