grave cemetery conditions

Grave Cemetery Conditions

Have you visited your loved one lately? Make sure their final resting place isn’t plagued by these grave conditions common in many cemeteries.   Is their tombstone or market buried in a sea of grass? You would think J. Edgar … Read More

haunted cemetery

Haunted Cemeteries You Don’t Want to Visit

Usually for those visiting cemeteries, it can be a peaceful and reconnecting experience. However, your experience in these cemeteries might be a little different. Unless you’re an avid ghost hunter or have a thirst for fear, stay away from these … Read More

funeral music

10 Beautiful Funeral Songs

June marks the anniversary of the Guild of Funerary Violinists founded in Britain in 1586.  Why should you care? Well, music is a great coping mechanism and funeral music plays a pivotal role in the mourning process. Chopin’s Funeral March … Read More

fathers day

Special Ways to Commemorate the Fathers We’ve Loved

Commemorate fathers before, on, and after Father’s Day with these memorial gifts.   Commemorate all of the fathers that hold a special place in your heart. Browse these distinctive memorial pieces and touching DIY projects to find one that speaks … Read More

fathers day

30 Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

A personal touch for the daddy’s we appreciate having in our lives. Some of these great gifts can also be made in memory of the daddy’s we have loved and lost. There’s something for everyone.   Unique Finds When in … Read More

angel in heaven

What Happens After Death? Five Popular Afterlife Theories

We all know that someday, we will no longer grace the world with our presence. That thought drives us into wanting to know what’s in store for us. Lucky for you, there are a lot of theories related to the … Read More

monument rose

Can You Find These Antique Roses In Your Cemetery?

Would you go to a cemetery to clip roses? Well, there are many people who do just that. They are in search of antique roses. These roses have been in existence prior to the 1900s, bloom in late spring or … Read More


Bizarre Burial Rituals

For most of us, death is a time of sorrow and loss. We are accustomed to a religious ceremony followed by a visit to a cemetery where we lay a rose on our loved one’s casket, and attend a luncheon … Read More

grave decorations

Grave Decorations That Raise the Bar

Before you pick up that same floral arrangement you picked up last year, check out these grave decorations that raise the bar for grave care.   1. Ceramic flowers welded on a tombstone or laid beside a marker are becoming a … Read More

cemetery, vineyard, winery

Cemetery/Vineyard/Winery… A Disastrous Combination or Sheer Brilliance?

In a Sacramento urban redevelopment plan, St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery is proposing a plan to convert a part of the cemetery into a 9-acre vineyard. The cemetery intends on utilizing land that was meant for future burials to grow Merlot, … Read More