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We all know that someday, we will no longer grace the world with our presence. That thought drives us into wanting to know what’s in store for us. Lucky for you, there are a lot of theories related to the afterlife and we have the top 5 for you to ponder.


The Universe Excretes Us

waste excretion afterlife theory

As if death isn’t depressing enough, some believe the world is one big brain and we’re just tiny particles functioning within this brain. Similar to cells in our body that die and dissolve, the earth just removes us as waste.


You Re-Enter the Cosmic Consciousness

Everything is computed in your brain so where does the consciousness come from and where does it go after death?

consciousness afterlife theory

According to Orchestrated Objective Reduction, the consciousness comes from finer scale quantum activities from inside brain cells. This means that some activity deep inside cells within our brain created our consciousness and those activities stem from, what they call “The Universe’s Consciousness.” As a result, everything in the universe is connected through that consciousness. So when you die, your consciousness just returns to the cosmic fiber.



reincarnation afterlife theory

Reincarnation states that once you die, the soul moves on to another body. It’s one of the main beliefs in many religions, which makes it one of the most popular afterlife theories.

What if your consciousness does leave your body and moves somewhere else in the Universe. You could be reincarnated as another human, an animal, an alien, or something the universe hasn’t even created yet!


You’re Just a Video Game

Simulation theory states that life is just a computer simulation. We are just characters in a game controlled by an end-user we do not know.simulation afterlife theory

When you die, the simulation comes to an end. The craziest aspect of the simulation theory is that the simulation already has the code that made you so it can do whatever it wants with you. For all you know, the user has paused the simulation and you’re in cyberspace until the simulation starts again.


Multiverse Theory… Anything is Possible

multiverse afterlife theory

This is the idea that there is a vast number of realities and in those realities, anything could happen.

There is a universe where we go to Heaven, one where we’re reincarnated, one where we are the Walking Dead, and another where a 13 year old kid controls our every move from an iPhone 6! There’s just no telling what life is like after death but we can always wonder.



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